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 The new LOOPING trio : Gert Kilian, Laurent Marc and Habib Julien have joined up for this extraordinary experience where the roots of the balafon and steelpan meet a jazzy vibraphone and a multiflexible voice. Their music is inspired by afrobeat and jazz, Indian raga, traditional mandingo music, hip-hop and rap. LOOPING takes us along on …«a journey of surprises on unexplored paths into the heart of music...» (Libération / Paris)
    «LOOPING... A filigree knitting of rhythm and melody, obtaining its dynamic patterns from African, Oriental and Asian tradition and from Jazz and rock music. Ingenious world music!»
              «...musicians from France and Germany in telepathic interaction with balafon, steelpan, vibraphone and an outstanding multiflexible voice…”

LOOPING the musicians:

Gert Kilian (balafon, steelpan, vocals, derbouka)
Photo de Gert Kilian
After seventeen albums with Drumpact, Les Zoulousains, Looping, Orexis and Argile, the traveller between the musical worlds undertakes a new adventure between tradition and modernity.
Habib Julien (vocals)
Photo de Habib Julien
This singer and vocal acrobat, human-beat-boxer and loop-master uses his voice like an instrument and transforms it into drums, bass, trombone, synthesizer and sounds from unknown spheres. His texts reflect reality in a naïve and humanist poetry.

Laurent Marc (vibraphone, e-vibes)
Photo de Laurent Marc
This mallet virtuoso has played with nearly all the giants of the French jazz scene. After playing with Gert Kilian in the group Drumpac for twelve years, he now meets him again in the new Looping.





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