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Quantity:  CD: KÂLA ethno groove 10.- euros & porto
Quantity:  CD : Afropean Project 10.- euros & porto
Quantity:  DVD : Afropean Project Live in Toulouse 15.- euros & porto
Quantity:  CD: LOOPING - LOOPING Live 10.- euros & porto
Quantity:  CD: Gert Kilian - Love Breeze 10.- euros & porto
Quantity:  CD: afro percussion - Music from Mali and Senegal 10.- euros & porto
Quantity:  CD: Voyages Africains 10.- euros & porto
Quantity:  Book: balafon beat 23,50 euros & porto
Quantity:  Double-DVD: The Balafon with Aly Keita & Gert Kilian 40.- euros (tax incl., in Europe) or 37,50.- euros for the rest of the World, free shipping


Persons:    Summer Workshop for Balafon 2021


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