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GERT KILIAN on Balafon

«German Record Prize 1978», Tours in Asia, Africa (Goethe Institute) and Europe. Musical studies in Papua New Guinea,
West and Central Africa, India,Trinidad & Tobago
Author of "Balafon Beat" and DVD "The Balafon" with Aly Keita.


GERT KILIAN invites you to two balafon-workshops in the south-west of France (55 km south of Toulouse).

Far away from stressing tourism near the picturesque village of Montesquieu, between Atlantic and Mediterranean, lies the house «Le Barry».

Overviewing the Pyrenee mountains, in the heart of nature and silence, this place is ideal for concentrated work and a pleasant way of making music.

PROGRAM A (beginners with basic knowledge *)

Arrival : 26 of July 2019
Workshop : 27 July to 31 of August 2019
5 days / six hours a day, e.g., 10 am - 1 pm / 4 pm - 7 pm
in between and afterwards, there's time to rehearse, jam, listen to!

PROGRAM B (advanced **)

Arrival : 2 of August 2019
Workshop : 3 to 7 of August 2019
5 days / six hours a day, e.g., 10 am - 1 pm / 4 pm - 7 pm
in between and afterwards, there's time to rehearse, jam, listen to!

*) beginners on the balafon, but not in music - play already djembé, doundouns, drums or other instruments

**) practising the balafon


* Modern and traditional playing techniques
* Two-way-coordination and Bobo, Bambara and Senoufo music
* Learning pieces/songs
* Body percussion (walking-talking-handclap)
* Bring along your instrument if you have one (pentatonic)
* Otherwise, balafons can be hired (5.-euros per day) or bought
* Walkman & music sheet are helpful


Lessons & full pension :

Program A : 550.- euros
Program B : 550.-euros
A & B : 1000.-euros


...for all who like to go on holiday in France, before or after the workshop:

"Le Barry" is located 270 km from the Mediterranean, and 300 kms from the Atlantic. It is not far from the Central Pyrenees (Mont Vallier 2848 m) offering many opportunities to go hiking, the historical land of the Catharians (including the legendary castles), the caves in Mas d'Azil, Lombrives, Niaux, the subterranean rivière Labouiche. 55 kms from Toulouse.

For admission, remit 100.- Euro on:

Crédit Agricole F-09 350 Daumazan - Arize

IBAN FR76 1710 6000 7617 1819 1700 020


The total amount is due at the beginning of the workshop. A detailed description of location and a subscriber list will be sent after reservation.

You can reserve directly by ordering online.



Balafon Workshop in Burkina Faso 2019

From the 26.02 to 2.03 2019

This workshop is aimed at balafon players of advanced level who wish to immerse themselves into the music and magic of this instrument in its country of origin. At Bobo Dioulasso, the second biggest town in Burkina Faso, the Mecca of traditional west-african music.

Our hotel "Zion" lies in Kuinima, a typical popular neighbourhood at ten minute's distance by taxi to the bustling city-center, some hundred meters from late Mahama Konaté's house, the legendary balafola (Farafina). Around the corner begins Bolomakoté, the part of town with many "cabarets" where one can hear –and dance to- authentic live music with balafons, djembés and doundouns. The lessons take place in the patio of the "Zion" in the shade of the mango trees. The climate at this time of the year is very pleasant, the nights are fresh and there is hardly ever any mosquito. Kuinima lies at the edge of the town on the high plateau, it is possible to walk to Dafra, a canyon with a source where take place fecundity rituals since the dawn of time. And, off course, the market and the ancient part of town (Sya) are definitely well worth a visit.




the "Zion" we have nice and proper 2-bed-rooms, some with a shower inside, and other showers outside in the patio. The hotel crew with Adama and Odile serves delicious African cuisine, is very nice with humor. iten.

patio hotel "Zion"



Youssouf Keita - griot, balafola and member of the group "Super Zamaza" (to be seen on the DVD "The Balafon with Aly Keita & Gert Kilian") - is the master of the balafon workshop, assisted by Gert Kilian. Traditional pieces with their different accompanying patterns and melodies. Improvisation and solo playing. All participants will have a balafon at their disposal (21 keys, pentatonic in A major). It is possible to buy a balafon and to take it along in a cheap way as registered luggage. The final concert will take place in the "Institut Francais" / Bobo with the workshop-ensemble, but as well with balafon masters from the country.

Kassim und Youssouf Keita



The participants reserve and pay their flight tickets. Every international flight arrives in Ouagadougou. From there goes a (air-conditionned) bus on tared road to Bobo (280 km). The bus-tickets are paid by the participants.

Latest arrival time in Bobo Dioulasso is 25 February


26.02  to 2.03 workshop from 9:00 am to 12:00 am
workshop from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

3.03 day off

4 to 8.03 workshop from 9:00 am to 12:00 am
workshop from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Price : 1000.-euros (890.-GBP / 1160.-USD)

2 x 5 days lessons, full pension (accommodation & food, mineral water).The price does not include the fee for the visa and the compulsory yellow fever vaccination, drinks from the hotel-bar. The price for a balafon is 400.-euros.

The deadline for the inscription is on the 15th of December 2018
The inscription is valid after a 200.- euros deposit (PayPal payment) to be paid before this date. The rest of the total price (800.-euros) can be paid before leaving or on-the-spot. It is possible to book the arrival or leaving flight sooner / later for those who would like to prolonge their stay.
Maximum number of participants : 7

Information & Inscription

Tel.: (++33) 5 61 97 57 91

You can reserve directly by ordering online.





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