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Biography Gert Kilian

percussionist - balafonist - composition
  • At the age of twelve, Gert Kilian started playing music as a rock-and blues drummer.
  • Classical music studies in Stuttgart and Nuremberg.
  • From 1976 to 1986, he recorded six LPs with the world music group OREXIS.
  • "German Record Prize/Newcomer 1978" for their first album.
  • Tours in Europe and Asia (Goethe-Institut).
  • Musical studies in Australia, Papua New Guinea, India and Africa, Trinidad & Tobago.


  • 1983, Kilian forms the percussion group DRUMPACT.
  • Three LPs/CDs and tours in Europe and Africa. Tours in Europe and Cameroon with DRUMPACT & BAOBAB, African dance theatre from Yaounde.
  • Documentary record «afro percussion», music from Mali and Senegal.
  • 1994 - 2000 Kilian works with LES ZOULOUSAINS, an ethno jazz group.
  • Two CDs and tours in France, Spain, Great Britain.
  • 1998, solo-CD and ethno pop group LOVE BREEZE with musicians from Holland, Germany and France.
  • 2000 Formation of the group LOOPING - melodic percussion.
  • 2001 publication of "balafon beat" (publisher: Verlag Zimmermann).
  • 2002 CD LOOPING live
  • Besides his artistic work, Kilian works as a teacher in percussion-workshops and teachers' training.
  • 2005 CD LOOPING multitude
  • 2006 creation of the trio "ALY KEITA & magic balafon"
  • 2008 DVD "The Balafon" with Aly Keita and Gert Kilian
  • 2010 balafon workshops in Italy, Germany, Australia and New Zealand
  • 2011 concert- and workshop tour with PANDEMONIUM in New Zealand
  • 2013 CD Voyages Africains
  • 2013 CD "afropean project", tour in Germany,Czech Republic, and France
  • 2014 balafon workshop in Burkina Faso
  • 2015 CD KÂLA ethno groove
  • 2016 Tours in Poland, France, Germany
  • 2017 Integration Project for Refugees "wir klingen zusammen" / Hamburg



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