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Aly Keita - Gert Kilian - Yannos Pauvert

An entertaining and instructive journey to the roots of the balafon

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The balafon starts to be well known by musicians and the public. People discover more and more its fascinating sound and the breathtaking virtuosity of the balafon masters. Traditional balafon music, between transe and overwhelming joy of life sounds like an echo coming from the depths of the african soul.

Aly Keita and Gert Kilian are its passionate ambassadors and let us share its magic with expertise and humour.They guide us on an entertaining and instructive journey into the heart of Africa, to Mali, accompanied by the percussionist Yannos Pauvert.




Gert Kilian (balafon)  
Photo de Gert Kilian
Seventeen CD/LP with DRUMPACT, OREXIS, ARGILE, LES ZOULOUSAINS, LOOPING. "German Record Prize 1978", Tours in Africa and Asia with the Goethe Institute. Musical studies in Papua New Guinea.West Africa, India, Trinidad & Tobago. Author of «balafon beat» (publisher: Verlag Zimmermann). 2009, DVD about the balafon with Aly Keita (Le Salon de Musique / Paris).
Aly Keita (balafon, sanza)  
Foto von Aly Keita
Born in Konsankuy / Mali, member of the ethnic group bobo. Since generations, the Keitas continue the traditions of the griots. As a child, Aly is taught by his father and Zouratié Coulibaly on the pentatonic balafon. Later, growing up in Abidjan / Ivory Coast, he meets jazz musicians like Georges Makinto. This leads him to a fusion of his traditional style and jazz. Meantimes, he became a much demanded soloist in Europe, Africa and the USA, playing with jazz masters like Pharoah Sanders, Trilok Gurtu, Jan Garbarek, Omar Sosa, Paco Séry, Rhoda Scott and others. 2009, DVD about the balafon with Gert Kilian.
Yannos Pauvert  (ethno-percussion setup with cajon, roto-toms, bongos, udu, cymbals, caxixi played with pedals)  
Foto von Aly Keita
Multipercussionnist experienced in Salsa, Afrobeat, Batucada and Gnawa music. Numerous tours and recordings with bantu Tupinga, Les Commandos Percus, Togo Tempo, Guem, Sassou Koudou, Serge Lopez, Trump & Bass.


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